Monday, 13 October 2008

London Fashion Week

So, a couple of weeks ago I went to London Fashion Week with my sister. Unfortunately it was the plebs' week rather than the proper shows - paid for tickets instead of invites for us! It was still pretty cool to go along though.

I think we were both expecting more "stuff" to be happening, more "fashiony" events, but in effect it's just a giant selling machine. And, yes, I did succumb to it, exiting with two handbags and two pairs of earrings, as well as my freebie bag (containing a microdermabrasion kit, some hair products, coffee, sanitary pads and a big bar of chocolate - disappointingly no laxatives or toilet paper to eat).

It was interesting seeing the variety of sellers in the tents - I wonder how they chose who would exhibit. Some of them were as crazy and edgy and new as you would expect, but some were really quite meh. I had a good old nose at quite a lot of the clothes to get some inspiration. There were two places selling Vivienne Westwood Red Label clothes - *heart* - so I had a good look at those to see if I could work out how on earth she does her amazing draping. When you're able to sew (even just a bit like me), you suddenly realise how shonky some things are - not Viv's clothes obviously! - but there were stalls where the clothes were surprisingly badly put together, or were such simple shapes that they didn't seem worth the money they wanted to charge as they would be so easy to imitate.

We also got tickets for the catwalk show - really just a guide to the latest trends with some advertising thrown in, but still quite exciting. I actual found it initially quite weird watching actual real live people walking down the runway, it was almost uncomfortable that you were staring at them. It's very different to seeing it on TV or in photos. Anyway, that soon passed, and I was even (almost) unperturbed when the seemingly obligatory sheer top with boobie action came along. It's quite odd how "normal" the models looked, although when you thought about it they were all actually very very slim if you compared them to anyone at all in the audience.

Speaking of the audience, I really must train myself better to take more photos. There were so many people who looked amazing there (as well as the fashion victims), that it's a shame I didn't capture them. Next time, eh!

We did of course also have the obligatory champagne cocktails - yum yum.

And finally, a picture of what I wore! Unfortunately nothing I made (haven't had much time to sew lately and didn't have anything that was really suitable already made) - but I did get several compliments on how I'd put the colours together - beam!

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