Friday, 13 August 2010

A new start

There's been a few major changes in my life in the last year and a bit since I last posted - I got married, I left my job, and I moved from the UK to Switzerland! As you might imagine, this has meant I've been rather busy, so sadly haven't done much sewing. However... this will hopefully change shortly!

I'm currently not working in Geneva (it was my husband's job that moved) and so I'm planning to make the most of the spare time I now have by doing plenty of sewing. Our flat here has two bedrooms (rather than the one we had in London), so the second one is in the process of being transformed into my sewing room...

Erm, yeah, so it needs a little work. Unfortunately I can't put all the fabric away straight away, as my basement flat in London was damp, so it all smells a bit musty and needs washing. Yuk. This is what I've washed so far:

Hooray! Clean fabric!

It's been quite fun unpacking and sorting it all - I've discovered some ace fabrics I'd completely forgotten I had. I've also discovered at some point I decided I should buy vast quantities of pale blue lining fabric. Seriously, I have about 6 metres. Why?! I also have huge quantities of leopard-print fabric left over from the decorations at my wedding, so I may be channelling Bet Lynch for a while...

Whilst I'm sorting this all out, I'll post a few things I've sewn since I last posted, and share with you my plans for what I'll be doing once I can actually get to my sewing machine.

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