Thursday, 4 November 2010

Quilt progress

All the machine sewing is now done on the quilt for my sister and nephew. Now there's *a lot* of hand sewing. I'm quickly building back up my hardened fingertips as I can't find my thimble and haven't had time to pop out and buy one.

The back of the quilt is effectively finished, as all the hand sewing now is appliqué on the front:

I'm currently sewing on the letters on the front of the quilt. There will also be two red hearts, and (possibly) two rectangles at the top and bottom to frame it. I think I should have bought some embroidery thread to do the appliquéing (is that a word?), but I just wanted to start it so used regular polyester sewing thread. And I'm not entirely pleased with the result, as it's not very smooth, and doesn't cover the edge particularly well so I'm worried the edges will shred. Hmm. I'm going to see how it looks when they're all done, and then I might go over the edge with maybe chainstitch in embroidery floss. Didn't really save myself much time there did I?!

I shall mull on it over the next week, as I'm off to the UK so won't be able to work on it...

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