Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Me-Made-June '11: Conclusions

Yes, it's already more than a week into July, but I needed a break from MMJ after thinking about it daily! But I just wanted to record a few observations and lessons for my future sewing and any future challenges.

1. I need to make more things! I'm sure that will always be the case, but specifically I need to make more wardrobe building items: separates and cardies/jackets that I can mix and match to avoid repeats so much. While these aren't necessarily the most exciting to sew, I really need these in order to get by day to day and still wear my me-made items. I definitely prefer to wear dresses, but separates would give me more variety. I read a good sewing plan somewhere a while back (I can't remember where unfortunately - it might have been talking about buying clothes, but it still applies): each piece you sew should go with at least one other item in your wardrobe.

2. Sort of linked to the above, I need more solid coloured items that can be worn with lots of items. I love patterns, but I don't quite have the élan of Vivienne Westwood, D&G, Prada or Mundo to mix them all the time! I noticed some others discussing the same revelation in the Flickr discussion group.

3. Several items have gone into the refashion pile... It's not worth wearing something that doesn't make you feel happy, even if it is something you have put time and effort into making yourself, it just makes you feel enormously frustrated. I still can't quite bring myself to give away these items though...

4. Most of all, it's such fun joining in with a group of like-minded and talented people to do a me-made-month! I don't know many people IRL who are obsessed with sewing like me (or are even interested in sewing), so it's great being able to show what you've made, be inspired by others, and talk about sewing stuff. (I'm thinking of setting up a sewing group so I can do this in real life, but more about that in a later post.)

I'm looking forward to joining the next me-made month!

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  1. Thank you for your comment on my Japanese top; and your summary of Me-Made June resonates with me.. I stopped buying prints except in a small way ages ago too!