Friday, 1 July 2011

Me-Made round-up: Days 25-30

This is going to be a bit of a mammoth post, but I want to get all the Me-Made June stuff wrapped up. There'll just be one more post after this with some conclusions from the month...

Day 25: We had friends visiting at the weekend, and had a really lovely time (and they helped remind me that Geneva isn't so bad after all). This day we went down to the market in Carouge, then in the evening to a random street festival that was happening just by our flat. I also made a quiche for a brunch by the lake we were going to with friends the next day. Whilst I like the print on this dress, and (I think) I like the pattern, I'm still not totally loving the dress. I think the problem might be the fabric, it just feels a bit weird. I might try another version in a nicer fabric at some point.

Dress: Me-Made / Necklace: Random shop in Hammersmith, London / Flowers in hair: Accessorise / Oven gloves: IKEA

Day 26: An insanely hot day! I knew I wanted to make at least one more thing before the month was up (I was getting very bored by this point!), so whipped up yet another self-drafted jersey dress - don't worry, my next project is with a woven! This was a modified version of the previous jersey cowl neck dress, but with a deeper cowl, a closer fitting bodice, and a more flared skirt. As I was trying to make it super quickly before our friends arrived, I sort of fudged the extra drape in the cowl, which gave me a slightly odd pouchy bit at the front waist. I'll explain more when I do a post on the dress, as I think I know why it's there. I wasn't too fussed though as the dress was exactly what I wanted and needed for the day - which was spent brunching by the lake, having a paddle, then going up the Salève (our local mini-mountain).

Dress: Me-Made, but not yet blogged / Hat: Manor / Bag: John Lewis / Flip flops: Accessorise

Day 27: Not much to say here, apart from that it was super hot, and I spent the day wearing as little as possible and trying to keep from melting in the flat... I really want to sew myself some short that are just a leeeeetle longer than these, but sewing trousers scares me a bit.

Necklace: Me-Made / Vest tops: Primark (or maybe H&M) / Shorts: Oasis

Day 28: Another insanely hot day, and a bit of a cheat day too - I tacked up the turn-ups on the shorts as they kept folding down at the back, which just looked weird. Not sure that entirely counts as a refashion, but I'm going to go with it... We went down to river to cool off in the evening, and had a beer at the bar there as the sun went down. Nice.

Shorts: Sort-of-Me-Refashioned... / Top: H&M / Bikini top: La Senza

Day 29: Another outing for my new dress - it went shopping with me. I tried on some new bikinis, but it was a rather depressing trip - has anyone made their own swimwear? It would solve a lot of problems for me. It's a pretty appalling photo (although it does make me look rather tan...) - this was the handiwork of my husband. I need to instruct him on taking better photos - rather sweetly he thinks I always look lovely so can't see why I find some photos of me more attractive than others!

Dress: Me-Made but not yet blogged / Necklace: Alexander McQueen / Shoes: M&S

Day 30: The last day! The month has gone by so quickly... It's been such fun joining in with other sewing fanatics around the world and very inspiring seeing what other people have been making. I've also found a lot of new blogs to read, so will somehow have to find time for that too! Many many thanks must go to Zoe for starting these cool little challenges. I ended the challenge in what has become one of my favourite dresses...

Dress: Me-Made / Necklace: Alexander McQueen / Belt: Primark / Bag: Ted Baker / Shoes: M&S / Sunnies: My first ever pair of prescription sunglasses, which have changed my life!


  1. That is a great dress to add to your wardrobe. It's nice to find a comfy dress that still looks wonderful when you want to get out of the house.

  2. Thanks! Yes, I've been trying to do just that lately - build up a few "house dresses" that mean I don't have to change if I go out...

  3. I enjoyed seeing all your me made outfits. The last dress is gorgeous. Don't be scared of sewing trousers. I found the SEW U book by Wendy Mullins good for trouser sewing - it has a basic trouser pattern and pattern pieces for different shaped pockets, belt loops etc and notes on how to alter them, adding different things to make different trousers.