Sunday, 12 May 2013

Me-Made-May '13 round-up: days 1-12

Right, I'm finally back at home and looking forward to catching up with my sewing, gardening and housework (well, maybe not looking forward so much to that last one...). Sewing-wise, the first thing is to catch up on documenting Me-Made-May '13, and the next thing will be to do my April (and May) Burda challenge.

Day 1

Pyjama shorts: me-made

Worn: to go to bed. I was spending the day packing and tidying the house before 10 days in the UK, and ended up not wearing anything me-made during the day. Then I remembered I still had these pyjama shorts hanging around, so I was able to sleep in a me-made style!

Day 2

Necklace: me-made (and rather wonky in the photo!) | Top, cardie and jeans (!): Uniqlo | Bag: Kipling

Worn: to fly to Liverpool. I still love this necklace, it goes with a surprising range of outfits, and I'm pleased that it didn't end up looking too "craftsy" or homemade. I'm wondering here if I remembered to pay for my parking. Then remembering that I arrived by aeroplane.

Day 3

Top: me-made (self-drafted) | Jeans and jacket: H&M | Necklace: local shop in Hammersmith, London | Bag: Kipling | Shoes: Pesaro

Worn: for an afternoon out in Liverpool, then to see friends in Birkenhead. Today was Theme Friday: water! Here I am by the Albert Docks in Liverpool, with the Three Graces (the Royal Liver Building, the Cunard Building and the Port of Liverpool Building) and the Museum of Liverpool in the background.

Day 4

Top: me-made (modified Sorbetto) | Cardie: Uniqlo | Jeans: H&M | Shoes: Pesaro

Worn: for a day out in Chester with a friend and her children. These are her new chickens - they are adorable, and have fluffy tails that look like beehive hairdos. I've finally got around to redoing the yoke and sleeves of this top, and it's now completely wearable. I am sure to be wearing this again soon, so when I do I will take a picture to show the alterations.

Days 5 & 6

I didn't wear anything me-made on 5 or 6 May unfortunately. 5 May I was at a wedding, where I had intended to wear my birthday dress. Sadly I ran out of time after coming back from holiday to have it dry-cleaned and do the alterations needed, so wore RTW instead. 6 May was a day of travelling from the Wirral to Sussex (via an ice cream in the sunshine by the Dee in Chester), and I ended up not wearing me-made again.

Day 7

Top: me-made, never blogged (self-drafted) | Skirt: me-made (self-drafted) | Shoes: Pesaro | Sunglasses: prescription from Alan Afflelou | Book: Sick Puppy by Carl Hiaasen

Worn: to chill in the garden during the day, then out for a pub dinner with my parents in the evening (although I changed into jeans for the evening as it was a little chilly). This top is rather on its last legs: there is a small hole and weird stain at the front of the neckline, the grain has gone twisty, and it's generally sagged a bit all over. However it's still very comfortable to wear when I don't need to be too smart. The skirt is also rather worn now and the stretch denim has gone a little odd at stress points. However, this has probably been my most worn item ever, and I'm thinking about making a replacement soon - I just need to decide on the style.

Day 8

Top: me-made (self-drafted), never blogged properly, but seen here | Cardie: Uniqlo | Trousers: C&A | Shoes: Pesaro

Worn: to harass the cat during the day, then to travel back to London and eat curry in the evening. This is one of the cats I grew up with. He's now 17, but fortunately still in pretty good health.

Day 9

Top: me-made (BurdaStyle magazine) 02/2013/127 | Jacket: H&M | Necklace: local shop in Hammersmith, London | Bag: Kipling

Worn: to a lunchtime cello recital at LSO St Luke's.

Day 10

Top (just seen): me-made (modified Sorbetto) | Jacket and scarf: H&M | Jeans: Uniqlo | Shoes: Bata | Bag: Kipling

Worn: to do a little bit of shopping, and to snooze in St James's Park. The second Theme Friday: sewing spaces. I was away from home, but was going to the wonderful MacCulloch and Wallis to stock up on some notions whilst in London, so thought this was an appropriate interpretation! I will do a photo in my own sewing space at some point soon now I'm back home...

Day 11

Necklace: me-made (only just seen, you'll have to take my word for it that it's there!) | Jacket and scarf: H&M

Worn: to travel back home to Switzerland. I used to come and watch planes at Gatwick with my uncle, and I still find the monorail just as exciting as when I was seven (I once spent over an hour riding back and forth on it with my nan). Although, nowadays, it also makes me think of this.

Day 12

As it's the first day in weeks where I don't have to get up and dressed and go out and do things, I am spending the day in my me-made pyjama shorts, a vest top and my dressing gown. And no, you're not getting a photo of that!


  1. You seem to have a great variety of me-made clothes, I like your outfits.

    When I rode the monorail i Seattle that song was stuck in my head as well.

  2. I love the outfits you posted and the me made necklace is stellar!

  3. Love your pictures! Looks like you had a good time! Cute sign at Liverpool airport!