Monday, 20 May 2013

Me-Made-May '13 round-up: days 13-19

Day 13

Sadly I didn't wear anything me-made on this day, although I did wash plenty of me-made things: it was laundry day after the trip to the UK!

Day 14

Top: me-made, but not yet blogged (modified Sorbetto) | Skirt: me-made (self-drafted) | Necklace: Accessorise | Sandals: Hush Puppies

Worn: to go for drinks and dinner with friends. It was a lovely sunny day, but I was a bit overenthusiastic with the bare legs as it was actually rather nippy in the evening. This is the fifth version of the Sorbetto I've made, although I haven't yet blogged about it. It's lovely and cool to wear (it's rayon challis), but I think I might take it in a bit at the waist on the CB seam and maybe the side seams too as it's a bit shapeless as it currently is. You can my previous Sorbettos here, here, here and here).

Day 15

Top: me-made (self-drafted) | Apron: me-made, but never blogged (a free online pattern that seems to have disappeared)

Worn: around the house, and to do a bit of sewing - I've made a start on April's Burda challenge! I actually wear this apron nearly every time I cook, so I've realised this is also a very well-used me-made item.

Day 16

Top: me-made (Sorbetto) | Vest top and jeans: H&M | Necklace: eBay (I think?)

Worn: to do shopping and prep for a dinner party the next night.

Day 17

Top: me-made (Sorbetto) | Vest top and jeans: H&M | Earrings: Accessorise | Limoncello: courtesy of Matteo, and delicious...

Worn: for dinner and drinks with friends. Lots of drinks. I invited two other couples round for dinner, nominally to say thank you for cat-sitting, but really to try some of our friend's homemade limoncello (made with proper Amalfi coast lemons!). I can happily report that the limoncello was very very very good. We had a super fun night, I made vast quantities of curries and chutneys. I can also happily report that there was some left over so it's been a curry-tastic weekend here. This should have been the theme Friday (hats), but I've postponed my participation - I have a plan but it involves going into town, and I spent all of this day in the kitchen...

Day 18

I didn't actually get dressed this day (did I mention the drinks?), so nothing me-made. Oops.

Day 19

Forgot to take a photo as I was just hanging around the house watching MotoGP and IPL, but I wore my leopard print batwing top, never blogged properly, but seen here.

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