Saturday, 17 March 2012

London bits and pieces

Most of this is only vaguely related to sewing at best, but I wanted to share a few photos - if you do read it all through, there are a few clothes pics, honest...

This was the first time we've been to London in a year where the entire time was our own - every visit last year included a wedding... The main reason for visiting this time was much better (sorry, lovely married friends...) - shopping! Despite being very productive lately, I wanted to stock up on a few things so I didn't have to make things in a panic. Specifically bikinis and summer clothes - because I'm going to St Lucia! Oh yeah. I would quite like to make a bikini - I've stocked up on fabric, elastics, books etc - but I was worried I would end up with my usual last-minute stress if that was my only option (particularly as I also need(ed) to do an enormous amount of tidying and gardening). And considering that we're going in a week and a half and I haven't thought about starting a bikini, I think that was a good plan. I'm definitely going to try making swimwear though - I was definitely inspired by Carolyn's tankini (woah, was that really back in November?), and I've also discovered a fabulous website for drafting and sewing swimwear etc. Anyway, that's for the future, for now, hooray for Bravissimo. And Monsoon. And Schuh. And Uniqlo...

...where we went to the launch of the Laura Ashley line in their Oxford Street flagship store. There was live music and cocktails in teacups.

Other fun stuff - randomly saw the Queen (and Camilla, and Kate, and Boris Johnson):

They were visiting Fortnum and Mason and unveiling a plaque to commemorate the refurbishment of Piccadilly. There's an article on the BBC website about the visit, where the Queen is quoted as saying "How marvellous". Perfect. And I brought back these souvenirs:

The next day we were on our way through the V&A and had a look at the spider silk cape. Bloody hell it's amazing. The beauty of the natural colour of the silk and the embroidery, coupled with the amount of time and effort that went into its construction makes it really quite amazing. I just wish I could have felt it.

That evening we went to see the David Hockney exhibition at the Royal Academy. It really loved it. I have a passion for David Hockney throughout all the many incarnations of his art, and his new pieces are just gorgeous. For me they were also rather nostalgic as the landscapes reminded me so much of home. And, I wore my new yellow skirt, paired with my floral Sorbetto, bright pink tights, and blue suede shoes - uh-huh-huh (apologies for the terrible photos, I forgot to take them whilst I wast out, and for some reason decided to take them myself rather than get my husband to take them. Also very creased from sitting down.)

The next day saw a trip to the cinema to see the Muppets. Oh my goodness it is such a good film - we were actually crying with laughter pretty much constantly. We also saw Tomorrow's Warriors at the Queen Elizabeth Hall - I really miss all the cool free stuff in London...

And finally, here's the translation of "Heidi" into Chinese, from the inflight magazine (it's the bit in angled brackets):

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