Thursday, 7 June 2012

Me-Made-May '12 round up: days 25-31 (water)

Day 25

Dress: me-made | Cardie (on bag): Uniqlo | Sandals: M&S | Bag: Fossil

Worn: out for a drink and dinner with a big group of Bulgarians. Jeez, they like to drink... I had big plans to do a classic photo involving the jet, but it was too windy today so it was switched off :( This is by the bottom of Lac Léman, just as it turns back into the Rhône. And don't worry, I didn't do any fishing.

Day 26

Top: me-made | Skirt: me-made (self-drafted) | Cardie: Uniqlo | Necklace: Modcloth

Worn: to dinner with friends, then to watch Eurovision... I'm pretty certain this top has grown sideways and shrunk lengthwise.

Day 27

Dress: me-made

Worn: around the house, then to sit by the river for a bit in the sunshine. I dangled my feet in the river to cool down. Didn't take long as it is still pretty freezing - I think the Swiss are a hardier breed than me as there were already are lots of people swimming...

Day 28

Dress: me-made | Belt: eBay | Flip flops: Accessorise |Bikini: Esprit

Worn: to lie in the sunshine in the park. It was a bank holiday here in Switzerland, so it was nice to just chill out as it was such a lovely day. I read an entire book! (Paul Auster's Invisible - not his best, but still good. And disturbing).

Day 29

I was feeling very uninspired this day, and didn't take a picture. My me-made item was my yellow fabric necklace

Day 30

Skirt: me-made but not blogged | Top: Uniqlo

Worn: around the house. Watering my geraniums, they've been very thirsty during the warm weather.

Day 31

Dress: me-made

Worn: out for dinner with friends (Lebanese - yum!). I finally got round to adding the zip to the back of this dress. Despite carefully hand basting and checking the placement, it still turned out rather bubbly, but it's good enough, and I've got too many other things I want to sew to unpick and re-sew it!

So, that's it for Me-Made-May '12! I'm going to have a think about what I got out of this challenge and post some musings on it soon...

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