Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Me-Made-May '12 round up: days 18-24 (green)

Day 18

Dress: me-made | Belt: eBay | Tights: Tabio | Coat: Manor | Shoes: Payless

Worn: out for a drink with friends, then to dinner, then meeting more friends. I did a lot of walking in this dress as we walked right across town to discover the restaurant we were planning to go to was heaving, so walked back again to go somewhere else.

Day 19

Skirt: me-made | Top: H&M | Pink leopard print leggings (unfortunately not seen): Uniqlo | Coat: Manor | Shoes: Payless

Worn: to do my recycling, then some shopping, then doing a bit of lounging round the house and on the balcony. I've got an awful lot of wear out of this skirt, despite it not being perfect. I've noticed unfortunately that the CB seam under the zip has gone a bit weird and the fabric stretchiness there is going. Hopefully this will be ok if I lose a bit of weight...

Day 20

Shorts: me-made | Top: Laura Ashley for Uniqlo | Jacket: Uniqlo | Necklace: Accessorise

Worn: to go swimming, followed by panaché in the sunshine, then a trip to the market to get tasty food for lunch. When I made these shorts I was really pleased with the fit, but having actually worn them out and about, they actually need a fair bit of adjustment - I've discovered they're way too big in the front, making them rather poochy, and also droopy at the back. I need to fiddle with the fit, but may just make a new pair to save unpicking all the waistband...

Day 21

Top: me-made | Jeans: Uniqlo

Worn: around the house. I'm eating me-grown salad! Served with rösti, smoked goat's cheese and quorn "ham". Yum.

Day 22

Top: me-made | Jeans: Uniqlo

Worn: around the house. Not a great photo (there's an even worse one here), but this is not a great top! I didn't know much about either sewing with knits or fitting when I made this, so it desperately needs an FBA (you can sort of see the pulling at the front in this photo), and the inside is very very ugly. However, it's comfortable and fairly warm, which is what I wanted today.

Day 23

Dress: me-made

Worn: to go swimming, then around the house. This is a squash seedling, I planted it up the next day.

Day 24

Dress: me-made

Worn: to do some shopping. This was the first time this year we have been able to eat dinner on the balcony!

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