Monday, 12 September 2011

Self-Stitched-September '11 bank holiday edition: Days 8-11

The first Thursday in September is a holiday in Geneva, and it was gorgeous weather - my French teacher told me the next day that apparently it was the first non-rainy Jeûne Genevoise for about ten years! My husband also took the Friday off, so we made the most of the good weather by doing a mini-tour around the lake over the long weekend.

Day 8: We went to Lausanne for the afternoon and in the evening we met up with some friends who work at EPFL. We joked that we were laughing at the Vaudois who were having to work that day, but Lausanne is always nice, and Geneva is totally dead on bank holidays (besides, they will get the Jeûne Fédéral in a couple of weeks time, which we don't get in Geneva!). I dragged my husband to a fabric shop, where I was pleased to discover some expensive but not extortionately priced fabrics! So of course I bought some... We then spent the afternoon drinking London Pride (weirdly served ice cold and rather fizzy) and watching people play pétanque.

Skirt: Self-Stitched (self-drafted) / Jacket (in my hand): Self-Stitched (vintage pattern) / Blouse: Primark / Necklace: One of a trio of awesome necklaces I got from Modcloth, this one features a cuckoo clock, so obviously I had to buy it!

Day 9: After my French lesson, we took the train to Montreux, and then the bus round to Villeneuve in order to walk back along the lake path. It was absolutely gorgeous... I really really regret not taking my swimsuit or bikini - there were so many "beaches" along the way that were so quiet and the lake was so lovely and warm. Sigh. We had dinner near the statue of Freddie Mercury (which had loads of flowers all round the bottom for his 65th birthday) and watched the sun go down over the lake.

Dress: Self-Stitched (Simplicity 2369)

Day 10: As my swimming was thwarted the day before, we had to go somewhere to swim on this day. We decided to continue our tour of the lake and go up the south side (we also figured it might be a bit quieter), and settled on Hermance as we could take the bus there. We discovered we had to pay 4CHF to get into the main sunbathing/swimming area - it was worth it, the sunbathing area was lovely, although I think I prefer some of the other places I've been for swimming. The village was breathtakingly lovely too, and we met a very friendly cat on the way back to the bus stop that tried to get on my lap!

Dress: Self-Stitched (self-drafted). Not properly blogged, but more pictures under Day 26 from MMJ11

Day 11: A bit of a lazy day as we were both a bit tired after 3 days of walking and swimming. I mooched around the house and stuck together some downloaded patterns (yes, that is a Sorbetto - I'm going to go and cut one out this afternoon...)

Skirt: Self-Stitched / Top: Uniqlo

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