Monday, 12 September 2011

Self-Stitched-September '11 round-up: Days 2-7

I was hoping by this time to have a couple of new things to show you, but despite having vast numbers of plans and ideas, the actually reality of getting things done has been rather slow... I've got a couple of trips coming up the end of this month and beginning of October, so I'm hoping those deadlines will inspire me to sew a bit quicker.

Day 2: A day at home, doing some sewing (albeit slowly - see above). We were also in the process of planning a holiday in New York for October this day, so I'm genning up on places to visit.

Dress: Self-stitched (see day 26 here)

Day 3: A repeat already! However, it was super hot and humid this day, and this dress was the most suitable thing I had available. This was such a success - I'm planning to make many more light and airy clothes for next summer (especially now I've mastered French seams :) and I just love the feeling the underlining has given this fabric.

Dress: Self-Stitched (Vogue 8631, already seen on day 1) / Necklace: Random shop in Hammersmith / Belt: eBay

Day 4: Celebrating booking my New York trip! I can't remember looking forward to a holiday as much as this one - and my husband is also super excited! (We're actually going to be there over his birthday.) We've booked a hotel a couple of blocks from the garment district (hehehe) so I'm wondering how little I can take with me in order to free up space to bring back fabric... In the week since booking the holiday we've been making plans for what we'll be doing: so far we've booked tickets to see Winton Marsalis at the Lincoln Center, and we're also planning on going to a concert at the Carnegie Hall, and seeing Follies on Broadway.

Necklace: Self-Stitched / Top: Uniqlo / Trousers (not seen): Manor (the brand was Anna Montana - hahaha!)

Day 5: I had my first French lesson today (yeah, after living here about 18 months...), hence the slightly thoughtful and frazzled look. I'm having one-on-one lessons for a month to get my confidence up before hopefully joining a group lesson. This jacket has been one of the things I have worn most, I love it so much! The only slight drawback is that the fabric is synthetic and not very breathable, so I can sometimes get a bit sweaty whilst wearing it! On the plus side, it doesn't wrinkle at all. I'm planning to make another version of this jacket at some point soon.

Jacket: Self-Stitched / Top: Uniqlo /Jeans: A random brand from Manor / Shoes: M&S

Day 6: A day at home sewing (slowly), so something comfortable and easy.

Skirt: Self-Stitched / Shirt: Uniqlo

Day 7: La groupe sur Flickr a eu un sujet de travail pour les photos ce jour, alors je fais mes devoirs... Je porte une ceinture rose aussi, mais on la ne voit pas la. (The Flickr group had a theme of work for today's photos, so I'm doing my French homework... I'm also wearing a pink belt, but you can't see it here. And I only had to check two words above! Although that doesn't mean the rest are correct I suppose...)

Necklace: Self-Stitched / Shirt: Uniqlo / Belt: eBay / Trousers (not seen): Manor

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