Saturday, 19 May 2012

Me-Made-May '12 round up: days 11-17 (ugly places)

Day 11

Skirt: me-made | Necklace: me-made | Top: H&M (I think) | Sandals: Hush Puppies

Worn: on a train to Milan to meet with friends for the weekend. It was a pretty warm day, but fortunately the train was air conditioned (and we booked first class :). This top is one of my favourites, but I've realised it's on its last legs - I need to clone it!

Day 12

Dress: me-made | Scarf: Accessorise | Necklace: Alexander McQueen | Sandals: Red or Dead

Worn: in Milano! The dress is self drafted, and is the refined version of the dress I wore on the first day (I will do a blog post about it shortly - I have it written but need to take some photos of the dress!).

Day 13

Top: me-made | Skirt: me-made | Cardie: H&M | Necklace: Alexander McQueen | Shoes: M&S | Bag: Fossil

Worn: around Milano and to travel back in. This photo was taken in the Triennale di Milano (and yes, that is the man I married on the right there...) I also wore my me-made pyjama shorts whilst I was in Milan. Oh, and i would highly recommend the website airbnb - we booked our apartment through there, and it was a great experience all round (no, I'm not on commission, just very impressed!)

Day 14

Top: me-made | Belt: H&M | Jeans: Uniqlo

Worn: around the house. This is definitely being retired to the "round the house" rota as it constantly annoys me. The clear elastic in the neckline feels horrid and I obviously didn't cut it out quite on grain as it's twisting at the bottom. I might try and salvage the fabric and remake it into something else, as I love this colour. Oh, and this ugly place is my hallway, which needs an awful lot of tidying, and a bit of DIY.

Day 15

Skirt: me-made (BurdaStyle magazine) | T-shirt: Laura Ashley for Uniqlo | Cardie: Uniqlo | Necklace: Alexander McQueen | Tights: Tabio | Shoes: M&S

Worn: to do shopping, and then out for dinner with my husband to celebrating him passing his driving theory test. I finally got round to putting belt loops on this skirt, so I wear it much more now. It could probably do with being pegged a bit more, but I can't be bothered unpicking the hem (it doesn't look so bad in this photo, but it looks a bit odd from the side).

Day 16

Skirt: me-made (but not yet blogged) | Top: Uniqlo | Cardie: Umm, either H&M or Primark | Knitting: making myself a lightweight cardie/coverup for the summer

Worn: around the house. The skirt is green crinkle gauze, two pieces of the full width gathered into a wide elastic waistband. It didn't turn out quite as intended - I wanted to wear tops tucked in, but the gathers make my bum look enormous - but discovered it looks ok with the top untucked. I do need to shorten the hem by about a inch because I keep tripping over it.

Day 17

Cardie: me-made | Top and jeans: Uniqlo | Bag: Primark | Necklace: Alexander McQueen | Shoes: Payless

Worn: to go swimming, coffee out, then lounging around the house. It was a bank holiday here, and actually quite a nice day! Pictured here after swimming, this is one of the ice hockey rinks at the sports centre, now closed for summer.

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  1. Hello Dilly! Cannot find the button to follow your blog!!! I´ll copy and paste...
    About the covered buttons. They do it in the notions store. I didn´t know that, and they never have anything I ask for (boning i.e.) but this time they showed me a wide range of measures! Gotta go see the construction of your lace dress... catch you there!