Friday, 11 May 2012

Me-Made-May '12 round up: days 1-10 (food and drink)

Day 1a

Top and shorts: me-made

Worn: to sleep in. I wanted to wake up in the proper me-made spirit!

Day 1b

Dress: me-made | Leggings: gift from my mother-in-law

Worn: around the house. This was a trial for a dress I was drafting. I'm not entirely happy with how it turned out (the actual version has been modified and will be coming up soon) as it's a bit poochy over the stomach, but I still finished it up, and it's very comfortable to wear.

Day 2

Blouse: me-made | Jeans and tank top: Uniqlo | Shoes: Office | Belt: H&M I think

Worn: to the garden centre to get more soil and plants for my balconies. I never feel entirely comfortable in this blouse, I made a FBA, rotating the extra dart into the shoulder and side gathers. I think I should have rotated more of it into the side, as it does weird poofy things around my shoulders. It is still useful to wear though, as it's nice and cool.

Day 3

Apron: me-made | Top: H&M

Worn: to plant up my balconies. I like this apron, it makes me smile, but if I make another one I would widen it slightly as I'm slightly larger than the 1950s ladies it was intended for!

Day 4

Dress: me-made | Necklace: Alexander McQueen | Sunglasses: prescription - best investment I ever made | Drinking: Campari-orange |Also worn with black leggings and (whilst I was out) a black cardie

Worn: for lunch with a friend then more gardening. This was for the Flickr group weekly photo challenge: food and drink. I've grown to like this dress and have worn it a lot, although it's looking a little tired now. I plan to make another version, and also plan to whip up a quick top in this fabric as it is quite fun.

Day 5

Skirt: me-made | Top: H&M | Leggings: Uniqlo | Hands: authentically dirty

Worn: to plant up the last of the stuff I bought. I decided I would make the photo-taking more fun for me and continue the Friday themes for the following week - this is my vegetable balcony (it's very overlooked so we never use it to sit on).

Day 6

Dress: me-made ("day 26" pictured in this blog post) | Apron: me-made (but not yet blogged) | Chili: delicious

Worn: around the house. Making a veggie chili - this is just before I realised I didn't have any passata (or any substitutes) and my husband had to run to the only shop around here that opens on a Sunday! Fortunately they had some.

Day 7

Blouse: me-made (Sorbetto) | Vest top: H&M | Trousers: Monsoon | Parachuters necklace: Modcloth

Worn: out to do some shopping. I occasionally struggle with styling this sorbetto, as it's quite short, but discovered it looked fine worn with trousers if I put a vest top underneath.

Day 8a

Top: me-made | Headband: me-made from an offcut of a skirt I made yesterday | Jeans: Uniqlo | Belt: H&M I think | Brooch: Accessorise

Worn: around the house, doing lots of sewing. I haven't worn this top for ages, as it really annoyed me the last time I wore it. However, revisiting it, it's not as bad as I remember. I might try another version in more drapey fabric again (and try not to stretch the neckline horribly this time!).

Day 8b

Scarf: me-made, but not blogged

It was cold today, so I ended up putting on this scarf to keep warm. It didn't quite turn out how I intended (it's a bit too long, and the blocking didn't work properly so it curls like mad), but I still wear it quite a lot.

Day 9

Top: me-made (sorbetto) | Jeans: Uniqlo | Necklace: Alexander McQueen | Sandals: M&S

Worn: for drinks by the river, and dinner out with my husband. It was about ten degrees warmer than the previous day, so we celebrated with drinks in the sunshine and a really really delicious dinner.

Day 10

Dress: me-made (self drafted, not yet blogged) | Parachuters necklace: Modcloth | Cardie: H&M | Hair: freshly dyed | Wine: Swiss white

Worn: for drinks by the river with friends. After the nice comments from the other Me-Made-May-ists on this dress, I took it for a whirl in the outside world. It was very warm today, so drinks and dinner by the river were in order! I forgot to get a picture taken with my dinner, so this (empty) glass of wine will have to do to conclude the food and drink week!

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