Monday, 30 May 2011

Two days to go...

...until Me-Made-June begins!

I've been inventorying (is that a word?) my self-made and refashioned items, and I think I'm ok to start off with, but I still have a couple of items I want to sew to fill in a couple of gaps and give some more possible combinations. I also need to make a couple of swish dresses for swish parties I have coming up in June (and these can then hopefully been worn to some of the million and one weddings I'm going to this year...)

Self-made/refashioned items






  • Jersey strand necklace
  • Yellow knitted circular scarf (well, this is almost finished, although I'm not sure it's the right sort of weather to be wearing it!)
  • Green and black earrings
  • Moderately fluffy petticoat

A few of these are things that I made a while back, and my sewing skills have improved since then (and skills in knowing what to sew that suits me), so I'm not sure I like wearing them any more. Well, this is meant to be a challenge, so I will challenge myself to wear these things too. And if I don't like them I will attempt to adjust/refashion them, or give them away (argh, why is that so hard with self-made stuff? It's like giving away my babies. Even if they're ill-fitting, unflattering and badly made babies). I think a couple of these things might be the wrong season to wear too (it's currently 28˚C here, so all I can think about are loose summer dresses).

Planned items

  • Green stripe seersucker dress
  • White eyelet dress
  • Stripey sheer lawn tunic dress
  • Maxi dress
  • Swanky summer party dress
  • Pencil skirt
  • A-line skirt with kick pleat
  • White lawn/eyelet top
  • Extra tank tops
  • Lightweight cardies
  • Sweatshirt "jacket"
  • Green denim shorts
  • Cuffed loose trousers
  • Kitchen and garden aprons
  • Flowers for hair
  • More (as yet undefined) jewellery

Hmm, that's quite a lot of stuff to sew isn't it - and that's just the "essential" things. Better get going!

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