Saturday, 4 June 2011

Me-Made-June: Day 4

Not much to say about this outfit, was planning to wear a skirt I made years ago, but put it on and realised it desperately needed to be shortened about two inches (and adjusted at the waist), but wasn't in the mood to do any sewing, so changed!

Dress: Me-refashioned (Primark) / Slip: M&S / Brooches: eBay & Accessorise / Earrings: Gift from friend

This started life as a maxi-dress, but it was a bit narrow at the bottom hem to comfortably walk in, so I cut off the bottom ruffle, and re-sewed it at a shorter length. The part of the skirt that was chopped off became the matching tie belt. Unfortunately I chopped off rather too much, so it's now insanely short, hence the slip. I plan at some point to make a half slip to wear with this in black with a ruffle round the bottom, so it looks a bit more planned and less like I just couldn't find the right length slip...

When I was ironing the dress this morning I realised it's actually really badly made - for instance the ruffles on each side of the bodice are slightly different distances from the neckline. I know Primark is never going to be high quality (I bought this at a time when I didn't have much cash so I was limited in choice), but it's definitely still nice to be able to look at something and think "I could make that waaaay better."

This was worn today for running some errands and generally lounging around the house. It was pretty warm and muggy today, so wasn't up for doing much more than that (it's currently thunderstorming so hopefully will be a bit more comfortable tomorrow). Planning on doing some sewing tomorrow to expand my me-made options for the next few weeks...

And here's a bonus kitty photo!

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