Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Me-Made-June round-up: Days 19-23

Day 19: I wore exactly the same as on June 12 (minus the passport), so it didn't really seem to merit a picture.

Skirt: Me-Made / Necklace: Me-Made / Top: Uniqlo

Day 20: A lovely sunny day, so I did some gardening...

Dress: Me-Made / Apron: Me-Made / Leggings: Uniqlo

Day 21: By this point in the Me-Made challenge I'm starting to get a bit desperate - I've certainly identified some large holes in my Me-Made wardrobe that need filling soon. As the outfit is near enough a repeat (the same dress as 4 June), I thought I'd put some variety in the photos.

Dress: Me-Refashioned from a long dress / Leggings: Uniqlo / Blue belt (not seen): eBay

Day 22: A low point, and also really hot and humid - I wore the same dress as 1 June, but without any accessories or even a belt, so it definitely didn't merit a picture.

Dress: Me-Made

Day 23: I felt a bit better about my Me-Made clothes by the next morning (helped that it was significantly cooler after some late afternoon thunderstorms the previous day). As it was a little cooler, I took the opportunity to wear my high-waisted BWOF skirt (it was still on the verge of being a little sweaty by the afternoon). I need to make some belt loops on this skirt as the belt gets a little free-floating. I plan to make them from thread chains as I don't want them too bumpy if I wear an untucked top over it (which is actually how I seem to wear it most often, as I feel a little self-conscious with a top tucked in). I actually changed out of the shoes shown below into sandals after I took the photos. This outfit was probably a little overdressed for my activities this day (going to the garden centre!), but hey, it's always better to be overdressed than underdressed...

Skirt: Me-Made / Necklace: Me-Made / Cardie: H&M / Top and belt: Primark / Shoes: M&S

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